We ask that that the use of VANTAGE be acknowledged in all publications.  If appropriate, you should also cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (CA068485), the Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center (DK058404), and/or the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center (EY008126) unless prohibited by the editorial policy of the journal.

Letters of Support:

Letters of support for grant applications may be requested directly from VANTAGE by Principal Investigators of a project.  For an effective letter to be written, at a minimum the following information needs to be provided at least 30 days in advance of the application deadline.

  1. Name, affiliations and contact information for the Principal Investigator. 
  2. Grant title and grant mechanism, e.g. R-01, U-01 or P-01.
  3. Anticipated usage.  Please be as specific as possible.  It is best to desribe usage in terms of specific services, frequency of use, and total usage over the entire project period.
  4. Please let us know if you want specific people, interactions or equipment to be described.

Scientific Collaboration:

Responsibility for experimental design

VANTAGE is a fee-for-service facility that exists to support Principal Investigator (PI)-initiated and supervised projects.  Thus, the responsibility for the overall design of experiments that utilize this resource rests entirely with the PI.

Scientific  involvement  

The Director of Operations, Managers and Staff of this resource provide all listed services without commitment to collaborate.  However, situations may arise in which specific services and capabilities, which are not routinely provided, need to be developed or performed to meet specific experimental needs.  In settings such as this it may be advisable that a scientific collaboration be formed to develop and/or perform specific experiments.  We will provide an estimate of the time and supplies that may be necessary.   We will also strive to make our expectations for collaboration clear before a project is initiated so there is no confusion about expectations or cost.