VANTAGE provides services in DNA extraction, DNA sample banking, genotyping, and other services that support molecular genetics studies.    Most DNA extractions can be performed with one of our Autopure robots (Qiagen), which use the highly reliable PureGene reagent system and bar-coding for efficient sample handling.   Once DNA has been extracted, it can be returned immediately to the investigator or banked for future use.  We guarantee at least 5 years storage for the price of DNA extraction.   Our sample management is streamlined by an online database that allows investigators to remotely monitor their stored DNA samples and to place sample requisitions from their own PC, while at the same time ensuring security.  We offer custom genotyping services with our ABI 7900 platform for TaqMan Allelic Discrimination assays, the Sequenom MASSArray, or Illumina BeadXpress/BeadChips. 

The core has several components. The DNA bank receives specimens from various studies, extracts DNA, and provides storage. Quality control, organization, and efficiency are critical. Genotyping services provide the necessary speed, efficiency, and accuracy to perform genomic screens (with standard markers) in as little time as possible.

Give us a call at 615-936-2744 or email to plan your project.  Common core needs are addressed by the following links:

For more information on resources and initiatives that the DNA Resources Core participates in, such as Vanderbilt's biobank BioVU, please visit Resources & Initiatives.


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