It is always better to notify VANTAGE prior to sending a sample. Advance information allows us to prepare for sample arrival, to know when to notify you if it should not arrive, and possibly to warn you that we will be unavailable to accept your sample. Feel free to either:

  • Call 615-936-2744. There is a voice mail option on this line if you need to call outside of normal hours.
  • Email
  • Send a Fax to 615-322-4277, Attention: VANTAGE.

Overnight Deliveries
Using the Federal Express Airbill as a model, the address of VANTAGE should read as follows:

  • Recipient's Name: VANTAGE
    Phone: 615-936-2744
    Company: Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    Address: 1161 21st Avenue South, T-0102 MCN
    City: Nashville State: TN Zip: 37232-0700
    This address is correct for UPS, Fed Ex or Airborne deliveries.

U.S. Mail
Packages or letters sent via the United States Postal Service should be addressed to:

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    1161 21st Avenue South
    T-0102 MCN
    Nashville, TN 37232-0700

Weekend Deliveries
Saturday Delivery Stickers are available free upon request from your local Federal Express agent and should help all concerned parties make sure that the appropriate arrangements are made for a particular shipment.  Call no later than the Thursday prior to delivery to arrange for this option. Again, should you wish to use this option, please make sure to check the correct box on the Airbill and forward the Airbill number to us at the time of shipment for tracking purposes.