The Core's MassArray Analyzer and Spotter are used for full service genotyping of projects ranging from a few hundred to thousands of samples with variant numbers between 6 and hundreds.  Contact the Core Manager to assess the suitability of your project for this platform.sequenom.png




Per variant (generally a SNP)

~ $30 (actual price plus shipping
and handling to be charged)




Per chip (each chip holds up
to 384 samples and control,
and can be genotyped at up
to 40 variations at once



Example Publication: Ritchie MD, Denny JC, Crawford DC, Ramirez AH, Weiner JB, Pulley JM, Basford MA, Brown-Gentry K, Balser JR, Masys DR, Haines JL, Roden DM. Robust replication of genotype-phenotype associations across multiple diseases in an electronic medical record. Am J Hum Genet. 2010 Apr 9;86(4):560-72.


Manufacturer's Link: iPLEX Gold assay

Download: Sequenom iPLEX Sample ID Panel Flyer

Download: Sequenom ADME PGx Panel Flyer