A variation on traditional microarray technology, the nanoString's nCounter system uses molecular barcodes and microscopic imaging to detect and count up to several hundred unique targets. Common applications include gene expression, miRNA expression and CNV analysis. Available CodeSets include:

Gene Expression –predesigned CodeSets for human and mouse

  • Commonly Used
    • Immunology (human or mouse)
    • Inflammation (human or mouse)
    • PanCancer (human)
    • Additional CodeSets and custom design available

miRNA Expression – predesigned CodeSets for human, mouse or rat

Copy Number Variation – predesigned CodeSets for human



  • Gene expression analysis – 100 ng total RNA or lysate from ~10k cells
  • miRNA analysis – 100 ng total RNA
  • CNV analysis – 300 ng gDNA

Full service and training for self-serve sample processing available.