Our Next-generation sequencing service line can provide the following services via our Illumina HiSeq 2500 hiseq_2000.jpgand MiSeq platforms:

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole Exome Sequencing

ChIP Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

Library QC/QA

We are in the process of integrating our systems.  Please continue to use our legacy system for starting Next-Gen Sequencing projects at http://gtc.vanderbilt.edu Questions? Need consultation or an official quote for your project? Contact us at VANTAGE NGS or give us a call at 615-875-9524 (office) or 615-936-3003 (lab).


VANTAGE operates as a cost recovery core per federal accounting guidelines.  Data is delivered as QC'd demultiplexed FASTQ.

External users are welcomed to request our services, but additional costs do apply.  We also require that a VUMC Research Services Agreement is signed by both parties prior to the submission of any samples.  Vanderbilt VA customers now receive external academic pricing per VUMC policy.

X = mean fold coverage, M = Million Reads per sample. For Paired-end we are listing deliverable as read pairs, for example 30M PE = 30M x 30M reads, 60M total reads provided as 30M read pairs.

Please contact us or questions regarding pricing and for projects not listed here. We also sequence user provided libraries.  User supplied libraries must undergo standard QC procedure of Qubit quantification, BioAnalyzer DNA size confirmation and KAPA qPCR for accurate quantification prior to clustering.

Need Bioinformatics Support?

The VANGARD core directed by Dr. Yu Shyr provides bioinformatics support for experimental design, quality assessment of data, interpretation of analysis results and data storage to investigators using a fee-for-service model. Please contact Olivia Koues to arrange for VANGARD services.

The price of a NGS sample is the prep price + price of sequencing. The sequencing price is highly variable in terms of read type (Single Read, Paired-end), read length and read count per sample (Millions of reads). NGS Pricing is very sample and project dependent. We offer full consultation to help you decide on the best strategy for your project and provide a detailed quote prior to project submission.  We strongly encourage identifying your bioinformatics strategy prior to data collection to inform the design and ease transition from data generation in VANTAGE to data analyst.

Examples of most common services (price includes prep and sequencing)

  • Whole Genome Sequencing, 30X 
  • Whole Exome Sequencing, 100X 
  • Whole Exome Sequencing, 100X RAPID run 
  • Whole Exome Sequencing, 50X 
  • mRNA-seq, PE-50, 30M reads 
  • mRNA-seq, SR-50, 30M reads 
  • microRNA-seq, SR-50, 15M reads 
  • ChIP-seq, SR-50, 30M reads 
  • ChIP-seq, SR-50, 15M reads 
  • DNA-seq, PE-100, 30M reads 
  • Bacterial RNA-seq, SR-50, 15M reads 


DNA-sequencing (Sample Prep only)

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (200 ng input DNA)
  • Exome-seq – 200 ng gDNA
  • Amplicon-seq libraries – 5-100 ng input DNA
  • ChIP-seq – 5 ng input DNA

Standard RNA-sequencing (Sample Prep only, 100 ng Total RNA)

  • mRNA-seq (poly-A) – 200 ng
  • Total RNA-seq (rRNA reduced) – 50pg - 100 ng

Low input RNA-sequencing (Sample Prep only, </=25 ng Total RNA)

  • mRNA-seq (poly-A) – 50pg - 100 ng
  • Total RNA-seq (rRNA reduced) – 50pg - 100 ng

Other services

  • User supplied sequencing library QC and prep for clustering (Qubit, BioA, qPCR quant)
  • User supplied sequencing library QC (Qubit, BioAnalyzer)
  • Covaris Shearing and Clean up
  • Covaris Shearing, Clean up, Qubit, BioAnalyzer


Illumina HiSeq 3000 Clustering and Sequencing (~300M PF reads per lane, 8 lane flow cell)

  • SR-50 Sequencing
  • PE-75 Sequencing
  • PE-150 Sequencing

Illumina NextSeq 500 (High Output ~400M PF reads per run)

  • SR-75 Sequencing
  • PE-75 Sequencing (also available as mid-out, ~130M PF reads/run)
  • PE-150 Sequencing (also available as mid-out, ~130M PF reads/run)

Illumina MiSeq Clustering and Sequencing (Single lane flow cell, per run)

  • PE-300 Sequencing V3 (~25M PF reads/run)
  • PE-75 Sequencing V3 (~25M PF reads/run)
  • PE-250 Sequencing V2 (~15M PF reads/run)
  • PE-150 Sequencing V2 (~15M PF reads/run)
  • SR-50 Sequencing V2 (~15M PF reads/run)